English Alive is a new fun learning class at RISE where we apply a “learning by doing” teaching method. It is a great place for children to start or continue their English language journey as we believe the best way for a child to learn English is for him to actually use it in speaking and in writing. The class will have a thematic subject for each session while also incorporate games and fun interactive activities.

What Student Will Do
Student will have every chance to express their thoughts and feelings in a fun and interesting activities, concentrating on concepts children have learned in their RLP classes earlier or already understood in their home language. In this way children are not only learning two things or a new concept, but also learning the English to talk about something they already know.

The class will run for 60 minutes.

Age Group
The age group is between 4 – 12+ years old.
There will be 2-thematic-session per day with different age range. For instance, one session for 4-6 years old and another for 8-12 years old.