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RISE Indonesia respects the privacy of its users and has created a Privacy Policy that explains users' rights and responsibilities with respect to personal information disclosed on the site.

These are the policies and practices carried out by RISE Indonesia to demonstrate our commitment to preserve and maintain the privacy and security when you visit [link].

Thank you for visiting Interest RISER. RISE Indonesia will always try to do the best for you. Thus, we protect your information that is private and confidential, in attempt to foster and maintain your trust as a user of our site.

By continuing to use this site, you agree to this Privacy Policy.

In general, this Privacy Policy regulates the following matters:

1. RISE Indonesia does not sell, exchange or disclose all information to the visitors of Interest RISER site.

2. RISE Indonesia does not track visitors to this site.

3. During your login on this website, RISE Indonesia will use cookies which will be terminated when you log out.

4. All information of the visitors will be kept confidential in accordance with applicable laws and regulations in Indonesia as well as internal policies of RISE Indonesia.

The Purpose of Data Collection

Information and personal data obtained by us will only be used to:

1. Process applications and / or any form of registration and / or communication submitted by you.

2. Communicate with and / or provide feedback to those who want to get information and / or further information about 8 Multiple Intelligences as well as activities of RISE Indonesia.

3. Implementation of research for the development of Interest RISER site and improvement of services.

Provision and Disclosure of Information to Others

Except for the purpose of collecting data as stated above, the site will not sell, transfer, distribute and / or disclose information and personal data to others and / or any Third Party who is not related.

Nevertheless, we can provide the information referred to the parties that is still associated with us, with the proviso that the parties shall comply with this Privacy Policy. The parties that include:

1. Partners were given the task by us to assist the application process, investigation and data verification - your personal data.

2. The other party on our behalf are required to carry out a job who need the information.

If necessary and / or ordered by the Court and / or officer of a government agency Indonesia based on the legal authority granted by statutory provisions, so in order to comply with the order we can open up access to the necessary information as intended. Related to this, then you agree to release us from all claims, demands, and or claims relating to the provision of access to that information.

Modification of the Requirements and Basic Rules

By using the site or all the content in the Interest RISER site, you acknowledge and agree to our Privacy Policy, and another edict contained in this site. If you do not agree to be bounded by and comply with these conditions, you are not allowed to access or use the information, services, or Interest RISER site. We reserve the right, in its sole discretion, to modify, add, or eliminate any of the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy without your knowledge and consent.



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The terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy is subject to the law in the Republic of Indonesia.